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RFS Ribbed Flanged Conduit

Available Sizes

Part #Size ODID WallLengthWeight/ft
RFS-33" 3.500"3.300" .100"10'5.5
RFS-44" 4.500"4.300" .100"10' 6.5
RFS-55" 5.563" 5.363" .100"10' 8.0
RFS-66" 6.625" 6.425" .100"10' 9.05

OD of conduit is to IPS standards. Flanged, oversiezed sleevs are available.


For Power, Communications, and CATV Repairs

Primary Uses:

Under Bridge Applications

Vandal Protection

Crush Resistant Applications

Temporary and Emergency Cable Protection

Buried/Maintenance Applications

Ribbed Flanged Split Steel Advantages

Relatively Light Weight - 12 Gauge

Galvanized for Weather Protection

Bolts and Nuts are Stainless Steel to Reduce Corrosion and to Help Opening

Heavier Guage than 14 Gauge Split Steel Conduit

Due to Manufacturing Method, Ribs Increase Strength of Conduit over Round Designs

Due to Manufacturing Method, More Sizes are available

Increased Capacity

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