Smoothwall HDPE Conduit


Advantages of Smoothwall PE Conduit

  • For use in existing conduit, direct buried or aerial applications.
  • Ductility"HDPE conduit will resist brittleness with age and cold weather.
  • PE withstands low temperature impact better than an other material used in the industry.
  • HDPE bends and flexes without breakage over a wide range of temperatures.
  • Large capacity continuous reels of products provide a lower cost of installation with fewer joints.
  • PE"s flexibility will eliminate or reduces the number of bends and sweeps used in the system.
  • HDPE flexibility, strength, toughness and high tensile strength allow product to be directionally bored, direct buried, plowed in, concrete encased or used as an innerduct.
  • Cable can be consistently pulled or blown into HDPE duct in great distances and fast rates due to its low coefficient of friction.
  • HDPE conduit is resistant to many chemicals and soil conditions.
  • HDPE offers longer service life than other products used in the industry.
  • Available in a wide variety of standard or custom solid colors for color coding.
  • Available in smooth wall SDR and SIDR controlled pipe from 3/4" to 10" in diameter.For a larger number of colors, many combinations of color striping is also available.
  • Available in empty, with pull rope or pull tape installed.
  • Available in standard or custom lengths on 50", 66", 84", 96", 102", 114" and 120" diameter steel reels.
  • Silicone pre-lubed PE is an option where an additive is mixed in with the HDPE to create a more slippery material.
  • Multiple sections of different color/stripe combinations can be delivered on one reel, up to 4-way.