Pipe History


OSI PLASTICS, formerly known as the Plastic Division of Ohio Steel Industries , was established in 1975 in response to an extreme demand and shortage of supply in the marketplace for plastic sewer pipe. Our facilities and entrepreneurial spirit afforded us the opportunity to broaden our production capabilities and to apply our managerial and engineering strengths across a more diversified and broader base of customer, industry and marketplace. The diversity of our businesses provide us a competitive purchasing advantage and in the absorption of certain costs and affords us cyclical and seasonal stability over the traditional non-diversified organization. Since 1975, our expertise, production facilities, capabilities and our processes have developed and evolved in response to changes in the plastic industry and the marketplace. In celebration and recognition of our development and growth, and to better define our plastics business, we established and renamed our plastics division to OSI PLASTICS. This will allow our customers to recognize and associate our business to the plastics industry.

OSI PLASTICS is a recognized leader in the industry as a quality Pipe & Custom Plastic Profile Extrusion organization. As an ISO 9001:2015 Company, we are continually in search of and undergoing a process of continuous improvement. We are continually evaluating our equipment and personnel. We are replacing outdated equipment, expanding our production facilities and adding new lines. We keep abreast of and develop the expertise to run new materials, expand our experience base of personnel and provide ongoing, continuous education and training of our workforce.

OSI PLASTICS has been in the extrusion of HDPE duct for the telephone, power and CATV industry since early in the industry's infancy. We produce smooth wall and ribbed products in all colors and with striping. Tooling for SDR and SIDR sizing is available 3/4" through 6". All capacities and types of pull tapes and ropes are available. We also produce 1 1/4" corrugated product. PVC split duct, houserisers, conduit and custom profiles are also extruded. We have the capability and the facilities to fabricate plastics and steel.

We are committed to ensure that our customers get the best quality part at a competitive price. We are continually looking for new methods, new materials, updating and upgrading our equipment and establishing a criteria to keep pace with the ever changing technologies of plastics and the extrusion process. With the human and capital resources of our company, we are able to grow as our customers require us. We recognize our two most important assets are our employees and our customers. Our employees experience enables them to produce high quality custom extrusions in an industry that is still more of an art than a science. Through training, all of our employees are closely involved in the daily operation of the plant.

OSI PLASTICS is part of the growing family of Ohio Steel Industries.

We focus on giving our customers a Value in Pipe & Custom Plastic Profile Extrusion, which is Quality + Service + Competitive Price .

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