We worked hard to set-up our facility and our operation systems to receive our ISO 9001:2015 Certification , which we are very proud of.

This ensures our customers that we do everything possible to give them the attention that their product deserves.

The Three Phases of Quality Control of our HDPE Pipe

Testing the Incoming Resin:

The incoming HDPE resin is checked for contamination and melt flow rate. Our suppliers test our resin for density. If the resin does not meet our criteria, the resin is not used in our process.

Testing During the Manufacturing Phase:

During the extrusion process, our operators check the pipe per our production specifications. The results of these inspections and tests are recorded and retained in our quality files. The shift supervisor double checks each operator at an hourly bases minimum.

Testing and Inspection After the Product has been Produced:

After the product has been produced, it goes through additional tests and checks before it is released for shipment.

Some the the Criteria that We Check:

Workmanship, Finish, and Appearance

According to ASTM product specifications, the pipe shall be homogeneous throughout and free of visible cracks, holes, foreign substances, blisters and dents or other injurious defects. The pipe shall be as uniform as commercially practicable in color, opacity, density and other physical properties.


Pipe diameter, wall thickness, ovality, and length are measured on a regular basis to insure compliance with prevailing specifications.

Physical Properties

Several tests are conducted to ensure that the final pipe product complies to the applicable specification.

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