Pre-Lubed HDPE Duct

Pre-Lube is an option on the following products

  • Smooth Wall Conduit
  • SORI Conduit
  • RORI Conduit
  • Micro Duct

Conduits maybe pre-lubricated during the manufacturing process by incorporation of lubricants directly onto the conduit inner wall, or via a lubricant-modified coextruded layer. The most common type of lubricant used for this type of application is silicone polymer, although other agents such as mineral oils, fatty acid derivatives and glycols have also found use. Pre-lubrication finds particular value with fiber cable push-blow systems. Because the sidewall loads with these techniques are quite low compared with pulling, and the distances so great, the viscous drag contributed by water-soluble lubes can be detrimental. The ultra-light amount of lubricants employed by factory pre-lubrication methods can be a real advantage.

We, at OSI Plastics use a silicone polymer additive to our resin when our customer specifies pre-lubricated innerduct. This assures that the lubricant is mixed into the entire cross section of the pipe.