Our Extrusion Plant is ISO 9001:2015 Registered
This ensures our customers that we do everything possible to give them the at-tention that their product deserves.

A Quality Part Every Time

  • Our master control system assures you the same design function every time you receive a part from us.
  • A central file includes your blueprints, the approved drawings, set-up sheets, ISIR documents, gauges, mating parts, quality control checklist and all informa-tion pertinent to your job is kept permanently on file, so we can give you a func-tion part during the next run, and every run.
  • We triple check our products in order to insure that you receive a high quality part every time. Every part is checked by the line op-erators and then double checked by our shift supervisors. A final check is provided by the Quality Control Coordinator before the product is finally released for shipment

Our Craftsmen don't Melt Under Pressure

Even in the high tech world that we live in, producing plastic extrusions is still more of an art than a science. Because of this, experi-enced craftsmen are required to consider all of the variables in the process. They consider each variable including raw materials, processing temperatures, tooling, and part cooling.

We Take Precision One Step at a Time

Beginning at the hopper, your OSI Plastics team determines the precise feed, mix, extruder temperatures, and melt pressures for your run"and controls them at every turn.

The Result

The result is a close-tolerances extrusions and custom secondary operations that fit together every time.

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